Producing Quality Makes Sense And It’s Something We Enjoy Doing

We keep our good traditions alive – first-class raw materials, skilful craftsmanship and absolute freshness!

In the manufacturing of Specht delicatessen foods, our quality begins with the selection of high-grade commodities. It continues during processing that makes use of careful and well-thought-out production procedures and of protective packaging and it is completed by employing the perfect means of transport to dispatch the finished exquisite products. Throughout all these varying stages, the stringent Specht quality principles and guidelines are enforced.

Importance is also attached to making the entire sequence of operations transparent. This is not only restricted to our position as the market leader and specialist in the production of aspic goods but it also applies to our corporate philosophy. Our motivation is quite simple: we wish to improve constantly! We include all our members of staff in our endeavours to achieve this aim. We pride ourselves on being utterly flexible in our reaction to the wishes and needs of our clientele and we always keep current consumer trends, healthy-eating awareness and new product ideas firmly on our radar screen.

We react swiftly to all new findings to come out of market research and to the latest insights into diet and nutrition: by using perfected methods of production and state-of-the-art technology. In this way we can continue to achieve supreme levels of quality as we have done for so many years. The concept of quality is closely linked to the notion of responsibility. One example of this is the sense of responsibility shown towards the environment. And that is important to us.

Only by gaining a true insight into the situation can a general overview be properly achieved. Such knowledge then leads to the trust that we always look forward to receiving from our customers. Together with you, Specht Fine Delicatessen Foods wishes to continue keeping this aim firmly in its sights.