We Can Show You The Easy Way To A Well-Balanced Diet

The easy way to savour the light, low-fat delights of healthy, good food. With Specht specialities, of course.

Not only does aspic contain a negligible amount of fat but it also offers a very special and unique kind of taste: it mouth-wateringly melts on your tongue. It is undeniably the first-class ingredients that bring about this tangy, aromatic flavour.

With its delicious kind of aspic, Specht has created particularly crystal clear slices of translucent cold meats. Because a feast for the eyes is important, too! These products are completely free of flavour enhancers and their high amounts of lean meat make them a good source of protein.

VITALA products are only made from choice low-fat ingredients, rich in nutrients, that are then expertly combined to produce excellent results. With its range of aspic products entitled VITALA Classic, Specht has succeeded in reinventing traditional recipes. VITALA Gourmet products just ooze innovative ideas in the world of cuisine and so provide a modern slant on jellied meats. VITALA Poultry, packed with its light, lean and easily digestible meat, rounds off the tempting ranges on offer.

VITALA products from the treasure trove of the Specht delicatessen delights: just the right thing for a healthy way of eating!

That is not all. We recommend Casumers cream cheese: Slices with delicious ingredients. One of the latest ideas from Specht Delicatessen Manufacturer.